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At 9:28pm on April 22, 2010, coquillon Olivier said…
Thank you Mike. Hi every body I let you know that Haiti needs your Help and please help us to rebuilt Haiti by taking care of our earth, by planting trees and by providing education. Let me present myself: I am Olivier COQUILLON, I am from Gris Gris a locality in the south East of Haiti, in 2008 I was the first laureate of my department and they don't even thought of me. Education is the key of all developpment, please sisters and brothers don't be scared to invest in EDUCATION.
At 9:30pm on April 22, 2010, coquillon Olivier said…
Thank you Mike! Sisters and brothers thank you in advance for your help.
At 7:06pm on July 17, 2010, orietta said…
Mike, sundrying tomatoes requires them to be brought indoors overnight or the tomatoes will reabsorb the night moisture, unless one full day is enough to completely dry them. And yes, I think they will be accepted in the local cuisine, especially if spiced with one of their like acra. The sundried tomatos have a strongenough taste to hold equally stronger tastes. Can be marinated in oil, although it might be an expensive option in Haiti. In Italy (though I am in Australia) we dry them on wire racks in the sun, and cover them with a cloth for the overnight indoors, no need for solar. Need to contact you Please!
At 8:46pm on July 17, 2010, orietta said…
Hi Mike. I represent Association Amis des Enfants in La Gonave and am president of A.A.E. Australia Inc. here in Melbourne, Australia. I would like to make contact in view of some form of cooperation between us, if you please. No need to convince us about vetiver, have been on this issue for years and we are almost making it. Please let me know if I can contact and explore possibilites. Thanks Orietta L'Abbate
B.A. Arch - AWF - EWB
F.L.Int. Press - N° 940
A.A.E. Intern. delegate www.aaenfants.org
A.A.E. Australia Inc. CEO - A0054145V
At 2:10am on July 18, 2010, orietta said…
...another NGO that will donate water wells or help establish school lunch programs for farmers and communities that establish good vetiver hedgerows....I have the NGO already feeding the children at the "out of school meal plan" (our school is damaged), their parents-farmers and many refugees....all they need is the vetiver to plant...
At 12:17am on July 19, 2010, orietta said…
Tips for “Italian-style” sundried tomatoes (some you know, so please excuse in advance);

On kg of fresh tomatoes equal approx 100grm of sundried,
Wash, then last rinse with a bit of sodium bicarbonate (eliminates bacteria)

We use two frames with mosquito net. The tomatoes are sandwiched in between, so they can be turned, protected from insects and drain water.

After cutting them in halves, we salt them (a bit more than for a normal salad) as salt accelerated drying

After six hours a thin whitish film indicates a successful start of the essiccation. Removing the film drains the inner water and leave the tomatoe drier.

Sundry for six or seven hours a day for 5-6 days (in Haiti probably less).
Bring indoors overnight.
In case of overcast day, leave them indoors and wait for sunny days.

Good with:
Capers, anchovies, origano (as you see strong spices like acra, chilli etc.) compacted into jars and filled and covered with olive oil.
The keep for a year in the pantry.

They can be sold off trays (keep them off insects and dry).
At 8:49am on August 19, 2010, Michelet Jean Charles said…
Dear Mike,
Thank you for showing love for such a desperate nation. Your reward is waiting for you in heaven. I would appreciate to meet junior and see you. My phone number is 507 457 7474(home), and 507 429 6713(cell). We will talk soon and thank you for sending me your contact number.
At 2:05am on September 03, 2010, Vicki Nikolaidis gave Mike Mahowald a gift
Hello Michael ,Haiti Reconstruction has the plan for real help. Please check our "Haiti" page http:asnycnowradio.wordpress.com/Haiti I added info about HR & may I add a quote from you? Thanks.Vicki
At 12:40am on September 4, 2010, Vicki Nikolaidis said…
Thank you for the lovely rose!
I'll keep writing articles and posting about Haiti Reconstruction and the projects this is the only answer for people around the world to have a good life.
At 1:03pm on September 6, 2010, Jason Fox said…
I reckon the vetiver is much more suiting for IMO's than sawdust. You can easily mass produce with various techniques. Master Cho has a book called "Natural Farming" that is a good start to the process and includes ratios of mixes. Let me know if theres any other info I can help with. Aloha, Jason
At 9:13pm on September 15, 2010, Bob Komarek said…
Hi Mike,
I have been working with an NPO getting Vetiver into a nursery environment in Haiti. The plants have been in the ground in Haiti for over a year now, and are large enough to cull slips for expansion plantings. I have been working heavily with Vetiver for eight years now at my nursery in Florida. My main business has always been wetland mitigation, but this grass so intrigued me that I diverted a large portion of my irrigation to it. It certainly hasn't returned any profits to me, but that was never my goal. It is an amazing plant and I believe it can solve a myriad of environmental problems. This grass is still meeting resistance in the USA. I do believe it is the answer for New Orleans, and the dyke systems around Lake Okeechobee in Florida, among other places as well. Not surprisingly, the govt. stands in the way of innovative ideas.

Some day ... some day. If not me, someone else will finally break through the mindset.

I grow the "Sunshine" variety and it is a beautiful and vigorous grass.

The way I prepare and treat my slips makes them healthy and potent well after they are shipped out. It has taken quite a bit of experimenting, but I believe I now have a very superior product and treatment.

Take care,

At 6:58am on September 16, 2010, Berber van Beek said…
Goodmorning for you Mike,

I must say it is a wonderfull web site on what I saw about Haiti where I registered myself.

My name is Berber and I am an permaculturist and a photographer. At the moment I am in Holland. I just sailed back from the caribbean. I was born and raised in Curacao in the carribbean. The boat sailed from Holland to Haiti to give helping goods to Haiti and it moved seeds from Port of Prince to Jacmel. Afterwards it sailed to the border of Haiti and Dominican Republic where I joined the ship. (it is an sailing boat without engine. They transport goods from A to b emission free, she is called "Tres Hombres") I sailed from DR to Holland as a cook.

When I was in on the border of DR and Haiti I saw on the local market that Haitians were selling the seeds as food. And not to plant them to create more food. For me it was a little disappointment.
I strongly believe in Permaculture and that the people there should start to come in action to, with the help of foreigners, make there island self sustainable as possible. "We" made them depend on us. It is good to see all these actions you are taking. They should become proud of themself again.

Soon I will go back to the caribbean, to Trinidad to help on a permaculture farm. To help on a PDC maybe telling a bit about my experiences. Afterwards I might go to Surinam to check out a piece of land in which I am able to use. I want to see what kind of possibilities there are according permaculture. Maybe starting a nursery or organize permaculture courses... anything

I would love to come to Haiti and help you guys out and helping the Haitians. Also to exploit myself more in permaculture. As long as it is save.

Below this email is my web site and my weblog about permaculture experience.

I love all the vetiver you are planting.

Hope to hear from you soon,

With sunny regard,
At 4:08am on September 17, 2010, Berber van Beek said…
Hi Mike,
Yes, When I was in Trinindad I Planted a lot of Vetiver, It has such a good smell also.
I would love to learn more about Vetiver!
I have a Website my Photography web site www.berbervanbeekphotography.com
and I have a blog which contains some work of me about permaculture wwww.berberoots.blogspot.com.
Still I am wondering if you need some help in Haiti! Soon I will be in the neighborhood so I am more than willing to do some work in Haiti.
Just let me know!!

Greetings Berber
At 11:38am on September 20, 2010, Thomas B. Israel said…
Hello, Mike,

What are the costs for purchasing the strings of Vetiver grass in reasonably large quantities? And from whom would we purchase the species appropriate for Haiti?

Thanks, Thomas
At 5:29pm on September 20, 2010, Thomas B. Israel said…
Mike, Good Evening,

We are working with APF in the greater Fondwa area. We need to purchase thousands of plants. We are aware that the grass is in Haiti. But we wish to establish a source and a price schedule. Whom would you suggest that we contact? Someone reliable. Thanks, Thomas
At 5:32am on September 24, 2010, Brian Cady said…
Hi Mike, Thanks for the welcome to the site. I'd like to chat about lowland pitpit, and about the simple urine-diverting toilet system I mentioned, that might be a helpful technique right away. The simple UD toilet needs only two plastic buckets and some cinderblocks or something to stand on.

At 9:58pm on October 14, 2010, Larry Tindall said…
Hi Mike, Thanks for your comment in response to my registration on your website. I actually just discovered your site (and work) this evening, via Randy Mortensen's post on Twitter. I currently support a little girl in Haiti through his organization (World Wide Village.) Matt B (who you mentioned, also from Owatonna) is also a close friend who is partnering with me on some newer projects. I'm looking for connecting points with relief for Haiti and intrigued by your reconstruction endeavors. Thanks again for your response.
At 11:25pm on October 14, 2010, Randy Mortensen said…
found your site through a Twitter post of a colleague. Patricia is my lovely wife and our organization is World Wide Village - you can learn more about the work we've been doing on the ground in Haiti since 2001 at www.worldwidevillage.org
At 7:37am on October 17, 2010, MILON ROY said…
hallow mike, thank you for your reply massage actually i sow your picture in agriculture, field i liked that this project , i wants to come in Haiti for investment project , if you give me cleared suggestion for this project i will be happy .

thanks a lot
At 9:03pm on November 2, 2010, Berber van Beek said…
Hi Mike,
How is everything going now?
Specially with the hurricane coming and he cholera? At the moment I am in the caribbean. Around new year we go with the boat to Haiti to bring helping goods.
Wishing all the best for Haiti

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