Haiti Reconstruction

Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

Water purification

Best way to provide water is from clean water wells that are protected; click here


Most City Water supplies in Haiti are not safe for drinking. Innovative Water Technologies has the best system we have found for larger quanities for a lot of people


Click here to see the ability of Vetiver Grass to act as a primary purifier for waist water


Clean water wells is not always possible; for remote areas filtering is needed

There are many filtering systems available for our remote villagers with no clean water.

Some water filters do more than filter water!  BioSand filters have microorganisms that eat the bad bacterias!  

See more on Microorganisms click here!

The best one we have found for families! 

Hydraid® BioSand Water Filter

Click here to read about its efficacy 


Here are a few more:






Click here to see about this small filter with a lot of potential


Clean water for Haiti



Bio-sand filter org.

Constructing the bio-sand filter








Click here to read about LifeStraw











Family size water bucket purifying kits

Gift of Water(Based and made in Haiti)


Potters for peace has developed a ceramic water filter, click here


Emergency water supply that can be shipped to site and set up in emergency video


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