Haiti Reconstruction

Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

Terra Preta by Biochar

History of agriculture is older than we knew, watch this great video and see how early civilizations supported mass populations.

As we have learned slash and burn destroys land because of erosion as this documentary says.

HRI believes in improving soil with Biochar, but even charcoal will wash out of soil if not protected with vetiver grass hedgerows!

We feel it is a waste not to use the energy that is created with pyrolysis that creates this biochar.   We feel the best use today is to use it in cook stoves for poor families. These families have vegetable gardens or crop land which greatly needs this soil enhancement.

By adding cured compost of vegitation and manure with biochar in a anorobic condintion it will create a deep layer of terra pretta.


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