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Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

Sponsoring group for Fòmasyon Recho

Dear Friends of Haiti


Does the community you are trying to help in Haiti’s countryside need more employment or a sustainable business?


Are you tired of seeing your sisters and brothers with tears in their eyes from smoke, and dying from the air pollution?


Are you interested in institutional stoves for school lunch programs or large group dinners.


Do you want to encourage them to stop cutting trees for charcoal?


We found the average family of 5 spends $315.00 USD on charcoal for a year, do you think they can afford a stove that will cost less than a tenth of that and uses many forms of free fuel.


Haiti Reconstruction International is setting up a training facility in Arcahaie Haiti north of Port au Prince.  Our mission is to give business opportunities to the people who are currently making charcoal and or selling it.  We want to start by offering this to groups who help a community in Haiti’s country sides.


If your group wants to sponsor a team you will pick five students (preferably finished with school and not going on to higher education) to come to our facility for a 1 week stay where they will have classes on assembling and selling efficient cook stoves, processing biomass for its fuel, building custom cook stands for users, understanding how conservation needs and teach erosion solutions and business management.  When they are finished they will get kits for 50 stoves to take back to your community to assemble and sell.

We will recommend that you pick 3 men and 2 women who really want and are capable as a team to run this business.


We still have a way to go before we can start these classes but we need to know how many groups will be interested in our program in order to start our program.  We are hoping for 6 groups per week to keep salaries paid.  This program may only go a couple years when we will have trained 600 groups and we need to have them successful.  After 2 years they will be able to produce ½ million stoves per year.

Sponsering group will pay teams tuition. 

For a 5 night stay tuition at this facility we are hoping will cost only $40USD each = $200 for the 5 of them. 

 We believe the best way to handle the material loan is through the sponsoring group since you know and work with the people you select so you would float a loan to them which if $12 material + tools could be $750USD.  If your group would not like to loan your group can help work out a deal with Fonkose for the team.

We want to make sure this is a profitable business for the teams and we expect they will make additional money for building enclosures (cook stand) and possibly ovens.

so they should be able to pay back their loan. 

The students first lessen in starting a business is to invest in themselves so there is no free lunch.  Each candidate needs to have 1400HTG or $35USD for their room and board for the week which we will serve from the cook stoves they will be producing and must have it paid to your group account before they arrive.

Breakfast and classes start early Monday morning so students are expected to arrive at centre from 6 to 9pm (no dinner served).  They can leave after an early Friday dinner at 4pm or stay over night for safety and leave Saturday morning by 7am (no breckfast).

We are offering this opportunity to Matthew 25 members 1st to make sure there is enough interest to keep 6 groups (30 people) coming every week.

So we are accepting requests for your group to be put on a waiting list.

If you are sincerely interested in getting a business in your area please sign in, our sign up on top right corner of page.  You must be a member for us to keep your record and send you information of when we are starting etc.  If you know other groups who are interested forward this to them.

Once you have signed up you must join the Sponsoring Fòmasyon Group so you will put on the waiting list, get updates and noticed of when your team will start.


We may start creating businesses as early a December, this is for students living in Haiti our group doesn't need to be here on the dates selected.    We will try to cover the entire country of Haiti but will limit the number of business per area.


Thanks Mike Mahowald,

HRI president

Waiting List

Sponsoring org. / from /contactperson / District/ Village, town,city / parish area

A.A.E.La Gonave/ Australia / Orietta L'Abbate / Quest / Anse-à-Galets

Risen Savior Parish / Burnsville MN / Mike Mahowald / Sud-Est / Gris Gris / St. Rose de Lima

St. Joseph Parish / Farmington MA / Lori Richard / Artibonite / Verrettes / St. Laurent

Pax Christi Parish / Littleton, CO/ Kanna Sue McGuire / Nippes (Grand Anse) / Anse a Veau

Association of Cotes / Natalie Moricette / Powder Springs GA / Sud-Est / Cotes de Fer ?

Association of Cotes de Fer / Wagner Fils/ Conneticut/ Sud / Boucan Moran 

St. Rose de Lima Parish / Gloria Kane / Murfreesboro, TN / Nord / Robillard

Hope for Haiti`s Kids/Sylvia Hegi syhe23@gmail.com & Rivelino/ Exume r.exume@hotmail.com/ Interlaken,Switzerland/Quest, Artibonite border/Montrouis

Jeuness en Mission/St. Marc /Pastor Bossuet  388 02 185(Sylvia Hegi)/Artibonite/Town- 5 ème Section
Haiti Global investments Inc (HGI) / Woodbridge, VA / Frantz Simon /


Haiti Emergency Relief Organization [ H E R O ]/Huntsville, AL/ Simeon Nerelus/USA/hero@haiti411.com/ / Artibonite valley /Gonaives

www.partnerswithpurpose.com Belwood Canada / Julie Groves /???


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