Haiti Reconstruction

Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

Community Co-operative

Every village in Haiti should create an agriculture group and they should start a co-operative to share seeds and help get their products to market.

Food Security should be their goal.  The Co-operative should start with a self-sustaining seed distribution program that not only stores seeds for members but establishes an emergency supply.  

Members who want to join must commit working in the program for their share of ownership.  Post harvest losses in the tropics are hard to determine but in many cases can be 100% from a multitude of problems from hurricanes, infrastructure and poor storage or shipping methods.  The co-op will start and maintain a seed storage system that will keep seeds safe from insects and pests.   The seed storage requirements for number of members who will be returning seeds must be in place before the harvest begins.

 When the program starts members will receive 2 marmites of seed at beginning of planting season, but at harvest they must return 3 marmites of seed for the next season.

(A marmite is a measure used in Haiti and Dominica Rep. for measuring beans and charcoal.  They use a large 3 pound coffee can to measure a little over 5 pounds of beans)

This extra seed will be saved for emergencies and only used for fields where the last seeds were wiped out.  

We will start our silo's by using 55 gallon plastic drums with a sealed lid. Seeds must be cleaned and dried to less than 7% moisture before they can be stored.

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