Haiti Reconstruction

Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

Seed Distribution Program

Seed Distribution is the best self-sustaining Program that any group can do for communities in Haiti.

This is because in case of emergencies such as hurricanes washing out newly planted gardens can be replanted since they have the seed available.  This self-sustaining program will also grow membership as their is excess seeds increase after allowing reserve for washouts.

A co-operative seed  program works best to finance the first 2 marmites of grain seeds for new coop members.  So members will return 3 marmites of their dried and cleaned seeds from the members harvest for next seasons harvest.  This surplus will make this program self-sustaining once it is started.  All members must have their investment in the program for incentive to make the coop successful.  They can do labor for the coop such as cleaning, drying grain or record keeping and distribution if Coop leaders feel they are trustworthy.  

Before ever starting the program the coop must be ready to store the dry new grain seeds from the first crop.  This program would be a disaster if the containers get infested by insects or spoil.   


This extra seed will be saved for emergencies and only used for fields where the last seeds were wiped out. 

We will start our silo's by using 55 gallon plastic drums with a sealed lid. Seeds must be cleaned and dried to less than 7% moisture before they can be stored.

(A marmite is a measure used in Haiti and Dominica Rep. for measuring beans and charcoal.  They use a large 5 pound coffee can to measure)

55 gallon drum = 400 lbs. wheat, beans, rice, or sugar

If your program will be starting with 200 families, they will be receiving 400 marmites (2000 lbs.) and returning 600 marmites (3000 lbs.) of seed at the end of the harvest.

You will need to have ready 8 - 55 gallon drums to hold the seed they return.  When members are ready to reseed they receive 2 measures of seeds again but always return 3 measures after the harvest.

After the first harvest there should be 1000 lbs of seed left, 200 marmites. After 2 harvest without any emergencies there should be enough surplus for emergencies.

 When there is an excess over this amount the co-op can add new members with the surplus and/or give larger quantities to members who can grow more.

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