Haiti Reconstruction

Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

Sanitation and Recyling

Cholera Outbreak Highlights Haiti's Ongoing Sanitation Problems

Many programs are now availible for filtering and getting clean water since the earthquake and cholera outbreak. But without good sanitation, even if you improve the drinking water you aren't going to see Health problems improve.

The onslaught of Porta Potties from Aid agencies made things worse in Haiti 


Until Haiti has eco clean toilets available for everyone they will have health problems!

Cholera in Haiti continues as people get sick and defecate on the ground.  Rains come and wash it into the rivers and ground water easily because of the eroded mountainsides.  Good soil stabilized with grasses hold the contaminants long enough for microorganisms that will devour pathogens. 

Read more about microorganisms click here!

Sanitation and recycling must be taught from early grades of school; children must have a place to go to the bathroom, a place to throw thier seperated garbage. 

Venders must not pile garbage in the streets.  People cannot throw garbage it he canals and rivers.

But none of this can happen until the government gets it's own act together!

They must have depots for metal, plastics, and biodegradables

They must have containers and trucks to haul it to depots

A government which has no money must look to inovative solutions for the unsanitary conditions of their country.


The best answer to make any program work is it must pay for itself!


Composting toilets and Biodigesters that produce biogas must be looked at.


Recyling centers can sell scrap metal, plastics and fertilizers.


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