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Rocket Stoves, Boilers and Patsari cookstove


Latest technology cookers for conserving fuel wood or biomass and employing manpower to make them.

We need to make sure we have the most fuel efficient stove available so we are trying to incorporate this rocket concept and using biomass such as compacted grass which has 55% of the heat value of charcoal.

Rocket Stove concepts are very clean burning once it reaches enough heat to gasify, they are extremely efficient and save an enormous amount of wood as you only use debris and don't cut down trees.  The downfall rocket stoves do not make biochar and does emit CO2 which will not help the green house effect.   But it is most reliable in windy conditions, easy to start and can be used for heating ovens.

Until vetiver grass fuel production starts, they can use rocket stoves like these produced in China which could also be made in Haiti. They can stop making charcoal immediately and efficiently burn plant waste in these efficient stoves for home cooking.

This institutional sized rocket stove would be great for school lunch programs.


Haiti Rocket Stove


The Rocket stove is an amazing development in fuel efficient cooking. Made with clay and rice hulls, this inexpensive stove can cook meals with small sticks and eliminate the need for expensive charcoal.
The Rocket stove’s insulated chimney burns wood gases, greatly reducing smoke and increasing heat for cooking food. Small sticks are all you need to make a blazing hot flame.
This website will show you how to make a Rocket Stove and help you understand the principles which make it so remarkable. In the following pages are photos, videos, step-by-step instructions and even a diagram of a Rocket Stove tool you can make yourself.  
So come along with us and imagine yourself making this fine little stove for your kitchen, for your relatives, neighbors, or even your community. Catch the vision of starting a little business making Rocket Stoves!

Some Videos:

There are 8 videos that tell you how to build this stove below just look for next at end of each segment.


This next video is of a Factory you can get in your community in Haiti to build stoved to exact measurement with premade materials shipped from the USA.

How to build a rocket stove and even insulated bricks!

Below is a stove that is being mass produced in China, it is a great size for families in Haiti.

Click here to see about shipping large quantities of these affordable stoves from China to Haiti.

The video below is the best commercial use design, boiling water take an enormous amount of time and fuel, this one uses 65% less of time and fuel. If we can use vetiver fuel pucks it would probably take 45% more time than firewood. It would still be 30% faster than cooking over coal but use no firewood.

Click here to see more on this institution rocket stove cooker

Solar cooking plans are around. So far we have taken some to Gris Gris but with little success. Click here to see some solar cookers that may have more heating power.

There are already very cheap efficient stoves that can be built for cooking and boiling water in Mexico. They are called Patsaris with rocket stove design they bring more air to the fire and circulate the heat next to hot plates to cook on.


Click here to read facts about the Patsari cookstove

Click here and see page 5 for details how to build Photobucket



The best rocket stove design manual I've found, and the one I've used for the school and household rockets is Design Principles for Wood Burning Cookstoves at:


It's available in English, Spanish, and French.


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