Haiti Reconstruction

Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

Medicinal Trees for Reforesting


A tree for solving global problems

This tree has great capailities for insect control and re-establishing the forests.

This fast growing tree related to mahogany requires a lot of sunlight but can grow on poor soils.

In India it is known as "the village pharmacy" Click here to see its medicinal qualities.

Neem oil is potent stuff.

Neem is a plant, but that does not automatically mean it is safe. Some of the world's strongest toxins are herbal. Read about neem's toxicity before you take it internally.

Neem oil is also a systemic insecticide, read about its safe qualities

Neem Insect Spray Recipes Making And Using Neem Garden Spray


Click here to see its many uses

It should not be planted between vetiver hedgerows since it will shade them with it's 30meter height.  It should be planted in areas with little slope so it will not shade the next vetiver hedgerows. 

 Many good websites that discribe the uses click here



  to read this book online click here

Another tree that is important for medicinal uses is Kowosol / Soursop / Carrosol / Graviola

(Annona muricata) Creole= kowosol

Digestive tract ailments: leaf decoction w/salt, taken orally.

Intestinal malaise: leaf and crushed seed infusion, taken orally.

Fatigue: leaf decoction w/ salt or sugar, taken orally.

Anxiety: leaf or bark decoction.

Cold, chest pain, nerve disorders: flower or flower bud tea with honey.

Flu, cold: fruit syrup. Hepatitis, fever: fruit as a food.

Nervous shock: leaf massage.

CAUTION: Seed contains a strong poison, used as a potent insecticide that induces severe vomiting.

[ Can be used for worming but only with qualified training! ]

Becareful not to confuse with (Annona glabra) Creole= kowosol mawon

Hepatitis, liver ailments, worms, rheumatism: flower and leaf extracts, taken orally.

Chest cold, dry cough, tuberculosis: fruit syrup, taken orally.

NB: Leaves contain a poisonous' narcotic used to kill fish.

Read more from Rain tree data base

Also will find many who say it can cure cancer

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