Haiti Reconstruction

Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

National Railroad

The best solution for moving products from all over Haiti to markets is mass transit

A train or monorail should be built that 1st covers the island.

It should be built with a business plan that makes it self-sufficient and can expand tracks when profitable with expanding needs.

Trains would only stop and larger cities or major crossroads that continue to villages. Local Tap Taps would be limited to connecting these destinations saving a lot of wear on vehicles.

This Rail System must be built for the entire population and for all classes:

1) It must have a 1st class car for future tourists to go to the beach hotels.

2) It must have coach cars that people can easily carry on bags of produce they can take to market with them.

3) It must have freight cars that can carry larger quantities such as sugar cane, citrus and exotic fruits to processing plants.

4) Tickets must be sold for passengers and baggage to make it self-sufficient

When people are able to sell their produce, they will be able to afford the fares. The entire price tag for rail service is not more costly than building super highways along with the cost of individual cars, the fuel to run them and road repair.

We should look for a train companies around the world who want to invest in Haiti.

It would be great to use the hyrogen fuel cell technology on this island, such as BNSF has developed in the US.

The trains we will not be as large or powerful nor have to be bullet trains. With welded tracks on level ground it will be so much faster, safer and comfortable than the transportation they have now! What is important is efficiency and convenience for passengers to hop on and off.

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