Haiti Reconstruction

Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

More groups on TLUD cook stoves


Miombo with their PekoPe stoves from Norway, Click here


OttoFormo's latest developments for Haiti check here


Click here Bioenergy


Click here to read more about Miombo brought to us by Otto Formo member from Norway 

This looks like the best stove that can easily be made locally by Haitian craftsmen very inexpensively.

It uses vetiver grass that is easily collected without expense.

This will save a lot of trees in Haiti!

Click here to see good powerpoint on Peko Pe LTUD stove demonstration in Zambia





Read about Jock Gill's LTUD stove and see how to build them
Introduction to iCans stoves for educators and how to build a Biochar grass burning stove, Click here .


Click here to read about BIOCHAR Farming

Click here Bioenergy



World Stove with their Lucia Stoves from Italy, Click here



World stove has model that can be easily shipped

Why Pyrolytic Stoves, click here


Here is a rice husk burning video which burns very well, it can also be used for internal combustion engines to make electricity

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