Haiti Reconstruction

Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education


Visitation Hospital Foundation

Fonkoze; Haiti's Alternative Bank for the Organized Poor - is the largest
micro-finance institution offering a full range of financial
services to the rural-based poor.

Catholic Relief Services in Haiti

Hero - Health Education Relief Org.

AFSC Haiti agriculture projects

Latest News on Haiti via Yahoo News

Americas.org resource center

Haiti News Miami Herald


Click here to see Parish Twinning Program of America's website



Click here to see Vetiver International Home Page

Click here to read what Caribbean Vetiver Network is discussing

Click here to see soil erosion page

Click here to see Vetiver System 's Public Gallery

Click here to see member Criss Juliard's (from Morocco) Chemonics website

Richard Higgins is the ecological and agricultural consultant to various groups including the NGO New Directions Foundation.

He is a world leading exponent in this field, liasing with the Rodale Institute (USA). He has recently set up a Centre of Excellence and teaching centre for disease and pest free growing technique and fast turn round manufacture of fertilizer in the United Kingdom; Well End Permaculture Ltd.,

He has designed and developed a compost Hot Box that destroys pathogens in 14 days and makes TERRA PRETA with BIO CHAR that works in conjunction with the worlds cheapest (and fool proof) urine separator toilet.

New Direction Foundation Click here

How to rebuild Haiti from the World Bank click here!

Click here to see what they are doing for Haiti

Click here to see their link sites

Click here read what World Food Programme says; "We are partnering with Haiti to rebuild society from the ground up and providing a nutritional foundation for the country’s long term future"

ACDI-VOCA has done some training work in Gris Gris from there office in Cote de Fer but they are not yet teaching the Vetiver Solutions Plan to conserve the soil.

Click here to see Ayiti Leve! Haiti Rise! video made in Gris Gris/ Cotes de Fer

DAI says: The Developpement Economique pour un Environnement Durable (DEED), contract was awarded in 2008. The target populations for DEED are profit making enterprises and producer groups that can create the social and economic capital base needed to activate environmental and economic recovery on the hillsides. One key principle is that DEED should work only with communities that demonstrate a commitment to working toward self-sufficiency in restoring hillsides and improving livelihoods.

Maybe we can get some sort of USAID like this for our better program?

Agriculuture is more important now than ever.

Echo great resources for agri-solutions

ORE Organization for the Rehabilitation of the Environment

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