Haiti Reconstruction

Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

Jatropha a very important plant that we should use but carefully!

Jatropha (jatrofa in French Creole) is a controversial plant because of its use for fuel instead of using land for food.  Anther problem is it is toxic and must be handled properly.  But Jatropha is common to Haiti and a needed plant in nature, it also can help eliminate the use of Charcoal!


Interesting and good consulting report on all important plants for a watershed


Bio Fuel Freind or Foe? Should know what Jatropha supporters will be up against



Great article written by great men who have been working in Haiti for 30+ yrs.

Especially read page 121-138  If corporations run the operation and pay farmers for seed they will not be rewarded enough for their labor.

But privately they could certainly make a lot of money if they press out just 50% of the oil from the seeds with hand presses.  They can collect seeds from live fences made with Jatropha they need anyway. 

The left over seedcake still has a lot of oil left in them, using them in TLUD stoves they don't have to worry about the toxicity.



Jatropha Suitability Evaluation for Haiti <Winner 2009


Breeding sustainable energy crops for the developing world


This pure oil pressed from seeds can be used in generators like this one which powers a 800 foot well in Haiti with electricity to spare once started. 


Seed Cake can be used for fuel in TLUD stoves.

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