Haiti Reconstruction

Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

Irrigation and Water lifting devices

RainCatchers has a great way to capture and hold water, filtration system for remote villages and irrigation systems to produce tons of vegetables.  We believe their systems will be great sustainable businesses that can  Read more click here.

If there is a water source nearby there are many options for irrigation.

The easiest is to canal or pipe water downhill to your gardens.


Click here to see best Drip Irrigation Systems for Haiti!

 It is also possible to lift water to your gardens.

Human powered treadle pumps are a great way to irrigate plots not too far from rivers or with shallow wells:

KickStart.org has a "Moneymaker" treadle pump

Click here to see good build your own design has been developed for Haiti:

Older designs include: The Treadle Pump http://www.cd3wd.com/cd3wd_40/UWWKDTU/wp34/PDF/wp34.pdf

IDEA International Development Enterprises (India) Treadle pump program

How to Make and Use the Treadle Irrigation Pump book

Click here to see other lifting devices

FAO's Principles and options for smal-scale irrigation click here

Conservation of water is also important on island ground water supplies. Ground water must be replenished especially with high demand agricultural projects. Ground water is replenished when it soaks into the ground. In Haiti’s mountainous landscape there is not much time for it to accumulate unless there are tree roots and grasses that hold it on the mountainside. Desertified land has nothing to hold the water so it even becomes more arid.


The best water conservation measure is drip irrigation, which saves water by getting it directly to the plants roots.


Click here for more information on Drip Irrigation.

Great publications:



100 Ways to Manage Water

100 Interventions pour la gestion de l’eau à l’intention des petits exploitants

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