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Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

Highest efficiency cooking stoves, boilers and ovens

New Stoves are the best way to Fuel wood conservation

This is the most efficient biomass cook stove in Haiti. 

It has made rice and beans for 250 people cooking 70 lbs of rice, 30 lbs of beans, 10 cans of sauce with 50 cans of sardines.  While it is cooking it also bakes 5 full sheet pans of bread at a time in the oven with same heat! 

Tested in Gris Gris Haiti Dec. 6th 2012, has clean emissions that are routed outside which keeps the room cool and clean.  This kitchen was only used 5 months before this with a 3 stone fire using logs.  Notice the thick soot on walls and ceiling.   

The ladies 1st cooked the sauce and all 30 lbs of beans for an hour in the 35 liter pot, then transferred beans and used the 35 and 60 liter pot to cook 70 Lbs of rice and added beans and juice back in.

This is ultimate efficiency! 

When vetiver pellets become available  the burn time will double or triple for less stove refills.


The greatest deforestation problem in Haiti comes from making charcoal. The most common way for people outside of Port au Prince has been making charcoal to sell that everyone uses it to cook their food.

To Reconstruct Haiti we must teach them greener ways that use less fuel, alternative fuels and efficient ways to save trees!

These new cook stoves for Haiti were demonstrated at Risen Savior Parish in Burnsville MN.  Haitians who came loved them and cannot wait until we get our program started.  After the Latino Mass huge crowds surrounded the stove, they want us to lead classes so they can learn how to build and teach and bring businesses to their relatives in Honduras, El Salvador, Columbia, Mexico, Guatemala who also have erosion problems and currently use charcoal for cooking fuel.

Controlled Air let HRI use their facility and sheet metal to produce identical stoves that can be produced in Arcahaie Haiti.


 This kitchen center is for the people of Haiti to see what it can be like, we will be demonstrating these stoves in action for fundraising events.  The stoves will save trees, eliminate charcoal use and cook with clean Bio-gas fuel that is good for their health.

Joe came over this morning and we decided to see how cheap we could make an oven to work with excess heat from our new institutional cook stoves.

We scrap I had in my garage with a card board oven and it took less than 2 hours and cost nothing to make.  I am downloading a video now,  This stove may not be pretty but it sure works great.  Our previous oven and multi-cook range is much nicer but too expensive for many in Haiti. Yet fuel savings and business applications can make it pay for itself very quickly.

You are looking at steam there is hardly any emissions, it's extremely clean!


There are many new ways to save forests and resources in Haiti.

We only promote 3 types of efficient clean burning safe stoves

1) The best stove for urban areas and the future which will utilize vetiver grass fuel pucks that can be easily sold and transported to population centers and makes biochar fertilizer!  TLUD Gasifier stoves


2) The best stove for the countryside kitchens can utilize vetiver grass bundles, needs the least amount of start up cost for project and by-product is biochar a valuable soil amendment which holds moisture and microorganisms. TLUD Grass bundle stoves


3) Rocket Stoves are very clean burning once it reaches enough heat to gasify, they are extremely efficient and save an enormous amount of wood as you only use debris and don't cut down trees.  The downfall rocket stoves do not make biochar and does emit CO2.   But it is most reliable in windy conditions, easy to start and can be used for heating ovens.

Rocket stoves boilers and ovens click here



See alternative fuels click here!



See more reasons for efficient cook stoves and ovens! Click 

 Eliminate Charcoal use click here 

Click here: Dry Vetiver Grass has 7,000 btu/lb and could be used for power generation in Power Plant boiler furnaces.


We hope to have efficient stoves that can be built for cooking and boiling water, bakery ovens can be built using grass fuel cells (pucks) that will save tremendous amount of trees.

Stoves that use Pyrolysis   also makes biochar which is a great fertilizer enhancer. 

Click here to read about BIOCHAR Farming


The Lucia stove is wonderful but we need to make grass pellets.  This is an excellent idea if we can get enough pellet making machines near vetiver hedgerows to sell the pellet instead of charcoal.

here is the 1st of 6 videos demonstrating the lucia stove.




Sept. 21, 2010 New funding will be availible for efficient cook stoves

Latest technology cookers for conserving fuel wood or biomass and employing manpower to make them.

We need to make sure we have the most fuel efficient stove available so we are trying to incorporate this rocket concept and using biomass such as compacted grass which has 55% of the heat value of charcoal.


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