Haiti Reconstruction

Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

Health problems and solutions

Haiti has many health problems, most stems from bad water and lack of nutrition.

Look at our  Page on Sanitation click here for more info.

Hesperian foundation publishes some of its material in Creole including Where There is No Doctor, Where Women Have No Doctor, and Sanitation and Cleanliness.

These can be downloaded free at:


They also publish Water for Life in English at:


and in French at:


Handwashing is an important part of general sanitation. "Tippy-tap" hand washing stations can be made from plastic bottles see:




Click here to see our 3-step program, which the main goal is to produce more food!

When a person is eats well and has the right vitamins their body is strong and builds immunities. Haiti like most of 3rd world countries suffers from malnutrition and iron deficiency anemia.


This comes from lack of iron rich food or can be worms that rob them of nutrition and iron.

This article on Iron Deficiency Anemia from World Health Org. & United Nations Childrens Fund, says this is the most common deficency in the world and our health committee has seen that the people of our region need more iron. People naturally want to send vitamins especially for the children and women but this was impossible to continue since so many people needed them. God gave us a natural answers! Red meat is the best source of iron since it has been already digested and turned into heme-iron when eaten, humans get all the iron content. But there is also a plant that we can grow in Haiti that is loaded with non-heme-iron, taken with vitamin C will help digestion. This plant also has an abundance of vitamin A which works well with Iron to combat this Anemia. With education the people can make their own vitamins

Read about Moringa in Haiti that is called Benzolive in Creole.

Worms can come from bad water besides from shoeless children.

We have solutions for water wells click here!

To see water purification ideas click here!

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