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Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

Haiti deaths from unsanitary conditions and lack of good top soil

Cholera has sickened at least 600,000 people and killed more than 7,400 as of Nov. 1, 2012 nearly 3 years after epedemic started.

"Cholera is spread when the bacteria get into water, almost always via human waste."

This is a common practice of finding water in riverbeds throughout Haiti's countryside where there is a lack of clean water.

Countries with good sanitation do not get cholera simply because it does not spread!  Another reason Cholera does not spred is it doesn't get washed into the water supply because they have good topsoil and grass.

Vibrio cholera bacteria cannot survive more than a few hours on good topsoil with microorganisms that will devour it.  But in water it flourishes and spreds infecting more people to repeat the cycle.  Vetiver hedgerows are the first line of defence both against erosion, revitalizing topsoil and stopping Cholera from returning to the water. 


In 2005, the US had 12 cases of cholera - no one died. There were 172,000 cases that same year in Guinea-Bissau - 399 died.

The best way to stop this deadly Cholera epidemic is starting composting toilets systems  and stopping erosion with vetiver grass projects so pathogens will not reach the water supply!

Cholera is in Haiti and is hard to get rid of when their is erosion pollution and no micro-organisms in the soil to get rid of it.  Haiti Reconstruction believes Healthy Soil that creates an abundance of nutritious food that can be grown behind vetiver hedgerows that will stop the erosion can stop Cholera completely and naturally with sanitary toilets and clean water.  We hope the UN step up aid but we can't keep blaming each other.  We have to start supporting solutions that start from the ground up, with agricultural education!

Click here to see how composting soil is the only answer to healthy sanitation and disposal of human waist, avoiding Cholera & Typoid, getting rid of pathogens and worms a constant problem in Haiti

Composting Toilets also makes the best fertilizer known to man! After each toilet use user should add a handfull of biochar (finished processed humanure) then add a large handfull of vetiver grass to start composting process when they shut the lid.

Remember fertilizers will wash into the ocean with the soil if not contained on the mountainsides with vetiver hedgerows!  These fertilized gardens can become the most productive in Haiti.

Richard Higgins from Hertfordshire UK joined our site with great expertise on composting toilets with great fertilizer for Family gardens!

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Composting humanure, click here

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