Haiti Reconstruction

Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

Gros Morne July 26-Aug 10, 2010

My wife, Jan Pearce, and I went down to the Gros Morne, Artibonite area for two weeks. We were sponsored by the Haiti Project of Riviere Mancelle.http://www.feedhaiti.org/ . Riviere Mancelle is a parish outside Gros Morne. The project is twinned with the parish through the Parish Twinning Program http://www.parishprogram.org/ . Jan is hoping to take Berea College students there next May. I was there to teach a rocket stove building workshop. We also led a workshop on processing and canning mango pulp. Several other projects were undertaken in the two weeks. The major accomplishments of the trip were:

1. Stove building workshop with three rocket stoves constructed at Fon Imbo:

2. New rocket stove constructed at Garsen:

3. Fixed sun oven at Boucan Richard:

4. Delivered parts for Gator, now fixed and running again:

5. Mango processing workshop with mango nectar production and canning of mango pulp demonstration:

6. Started rocket stove at Kalabat:

7. Construction of better incinerator at Kay Se:

8. Construction and installation of compost barrel at Kay Se:

9. Design and construction of prototype composting toilet system to be tested by workshop artists:

10. Design and construction of household rocket stove for demonstration:

Bob Fairchild

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