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Gris Gris Jun23-Jul4

Video of our recent mission

Our agriculture leadership training mission to Gris Gris was a great success! Local Ag group leadership training for 3-step program & management was very promising with our wonderful and excited leadership team. They will continue to build demonstration 3-step showcase. Plant new improved seeds and grafting materials for incentives to plant program. Make a tree nursery for improved fruit varieties and grafting hosts. They are keeping up a goat herd and will be ready for possible improvements to gene pool.

The largest disappointment was seeing spoiled passion fruit (grenadilla), soursop (kowosol) and avocados (zaboka) that were ready for shipping to market but spoiled because of broken down truck (tap tap). I believe the lack of infrastructure causes losses of more food in these remote villages than the aid we ship from the US.

We met with Woody Devil from ACDI-VOCA and learn from him we have the same goal to teach them how to grow more food and want to work together.

ACDI VOCA made this video shot in Gris Gris with gardens that we helped them build with our drip irrigation. They interview madam Fidor Coquillon and Michelet Descali from our committee in GrisGris, most all these pictures are from Grigri and tent city was in our area of destruction at Pelagie. They refer to our parish boundries as part of Cotes de Fer.

I also explained to Woody also called Roudy the problem of not planting vetiver properly will not create terraces as this video that was taken south of Petit Guave which is straght north of our Village of Gris Gris. The vetiver must be planted better than this to produce terraces and hold water.


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