Haiti Reconstruction

Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

Grass Pelletizing Mill

Our program will be successful because: We know that money fuels change.

Energy is money and when we can turn vetiver into energy those who sell the energy can become self-sufficient.  HRI believes giving opportunities to the poor not handouts that can create dependencies.  We believe in training and loans for small businesses is instrumental in development.  But we need start up funding, grants and cooperation from governments to make change happen.

Grass to Energy requires the best technology to make money.  It is possible to make biogas from grass in two ways: Fermenation; making sludge waste capturing gas in domes  or Heat Gasification that changes molecules separating gases leaving carbon.

We need to start with portable energy in order to make pellets for clean burning cook stoves that also make biochar.  So we will be using gasification units with air scrubbers to clean gas to burn in internal combustion engines that run the generator that will produce electricity to make pellets.


HRI has been collaborating with, the Renewable Energy Center , Hudson Valley Grass Energy and Cornell University.  We all will use Green Energy technology for making vetiver pellets for stoves and electrification.  We are shipping vetiver from Alabama to Cornell University who will be testing it for fuel capability and making it into pellets.  Cornell is the leading institution on developing grass for fuel, field crops and forages and business management.

Many groups are making TLUD and Rocket type stoves but the real problem is still finding fuel.

HRI feels the lack of trees, even sticks and trimmings are hard to find for cooking fuel.  It is so severe in Haiti we need a substitute like grass pellets for the entire country.

We know grinding vetiver grass and making them into pellets will cost more than making briquettes by hand. But we also know that making briquettes will take too long and not be excepted by the entire county.

The need to make the pellets cheaper is critical but we know that gasification of grass can be used instead of buying diesel fuel.  The benefits of using this modern technology will propel the economy helping those who need it most.

Farmers and villagers are poor buying diesel fuel to run their wells and haul produce down the mountains.  

When we get electricity from grass to villages on top of the mountain it will bring money back to the top of the mountain for people who are growing vetiver grass and saving the ecology. 

We have been looking for equipment that can be used all over the world in remote areas.  But we will add a gasifier to fuel a generator that will burn vetiver grass instead of diesel fuel on our pelletizing semi-trailer.

Pelleting equipment will also be used for making animal pellet supplements. Making them from a combination of moringa, indigofera, vetiver & guinea grass with magnesium oxide, minerals and even worming medicine may be added. 

Gasifier models

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