Haiti Reconstruction

Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education


Gardens must be protected to ensure to soil is preserved for future generations. Even gardens on level ground will become flooded in heavy rains and nutrients lost.

Vetiver is essential on hillsides and near rivers or streams to preserve the soil that is left in Haiti. This grass also has natural oil and scent that deters many insects from gardens that are surrounded by it. The deep roots also hold water longer on hillsides for garden moisture.

Once you have your space ready for planting you must figure your moisture needs and where you will procure water and get it to the plants with least waste. Consider drip irrigation, this can be from a tape with holes to a bucket with a small hole. Gardens should be weeded and protected from animals.

Fertilizing gardens increases the yield. Consider using manure from animals but since few people contain animals in pens it is easy to build composting toilets for humanure but this must be composted correctly for sanitation.

ACDI-VOCA made this video in Gris Gris (area of Cotes de Fer )

Jason Fox led me to IMO's Indigenous Micro Organisms,

Adding micro organisms to the ground improved fertility

Found this video on growing IMO's

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