Haiti Reconstruction

Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

Developing HRI Fòmasyon Center

Our Fomasyon Center developement

Haiti Reconstrucion International is starting a waiting list of organizations whowant to sponsor 5 students from the rural community they are working with!
 Sponsoring students for Fomasyon Recho (training center)


These students will come as a team for an extensive 1 week course to learn how run a business assembling and selling clean burning healthy improved biomass cookstoves.

They use any dry organic matter for fuel which will save the trees.  Families can pay for a stove for a months supply they now pay for charcoal!


Our program also teaches them how they can stop the erosion, restore the hillsides grow more food and replace selling charcoal by selling pellets to urban areas. We also follow up the teams to make sure they are sucessful.


If you are interested email me at memahowald@hotmail.com
Reason we picked TLUD stoves as Haiti Reconstruction International's 1st project to help Haiti 


New material for
Sant Fòmasyon and
Fòmasyon Recho

We cooked at Matthew 25 House in Delmas at our TLUD stove demonstration

We serves over 70 meals on our Biomass cookstoves

Everyone wants to get one to save money from buying charcoal.


Haiti Reconstruction International members are now in Arcahaie Haiti with Joel Ducasse (established Haitian business leader, entrepreneur and conservationist) establishing the Formation Center.  From left to right: Joel Ducasse, Paul Anderson, Joe, Mike and Marc-Anny our potential
Fòmasyon Center Leader.

This giant pile of charcoal we are standing on is charcoal  fines that have spilled from millions of sacks.  It has been accumulating at this port in Arcahaie where the ships from La Gonave and Northern Haiti for many decades, which represents the destruction of millions of trees. Our mission here is to eliminate the use of charbon and save the pye bwa.

With TLUD cook stoves, the ladies loved our demonstration.

We cooked and served 2 more huge meals at our demonstration in Arcahaie

Demonstration with Rene Durocher from EKo-Ayiti, Bob Pierre Louis engineer, Joel Ducasse, Mike Mahowald HRI, Antigie Daniel Quachee Eko-Ayiti, Joe Minnick HRI, Paul Anderson HRI / Biomass Energy Foundation.

HRI receives our first nice contribution for seed money from JDT Foundation to keep a man on the ground and start putting the center together.

Member from McLean VA
MarjorieBrennen Founder and Director

HRI Formation Center will be designed for Haitians to train Haitians.  We are starting to promote our new TLUD cook stoves;
TLUDstands for top lit up draft.  Many kinds of biomass will burn in the chamber from little oxygen coming thru the bottom creating a gas, this gas is burned off by an after burner at the top.  It is the cleanest burning stoves of its kind that burns biomass and hopefully eliminate the charcoal and cutting all the trees in Haiti.


New Vision Training Center in Arcahaie Haiti

Haiti Reconstruction International is starting a training center in Arcahaie Haiti.  We are looking for support for a full time volunteer who is willing to help get our fòmasyon center started.  Please consider donating we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your tax deductible donations!  

(Below) HRI has demonstrations with new stoves and ovens at the New Vision Training Center in Arcahaie
, they burn waste and make biochar for soil. 

Haiti Reconstruction designs ovens and extra heating surfaces to make the most efficient clean burning cooks stoves twice as economical! 

Hundreds of local officials and representatives of PHARE came to see New Visions TEACH Center opening.

Vetiver protection
 is evident on muddy roads of Haiti! Vehicles slide over the side by gravity with wheels locked on steep grades. Extreme caution and even pushing vehicles to the high side of road is sometimes necessary to keep them on the road.

Vetiver when planted on the side of the road will keep the dirt from eroding over the hill leaving the road level. If vetiver was planted above the road on the mountainsides the moisture and silt would stay off the road and it would stay dry longer. Here even a motorcycle goes over the side.
 Gabion basket walls are hard work to put in, these are eroding away but can be saved if protected by vetiver grass hedges across the top along the road and below which is very easy to plant.
Below picture is gully plugs that have filled to capacity with silt and debris and running over the walls.  Vetiver hedgerows planted in front of top rocks continuing onto mountainsides will protect the soil and continue upward making large flat fertile terraces.
Interest for the 3-step mountainside gardening with vetiver protection is
 increasingly desired.  HRI was offered land and buildings to encourage our starting training.  We need to keep up the interest but we are looking for barren land in view of the National Highway for the demonstration/training site.


Nadal & Samuel are President and Vice President of AAE Association of friends of children in La Gonave spend day with HRI and will be y island with no rivers.  They return with vetiver to plant before the rainy season.leaders on thier Island promoting vetiver hedgerows on their dr
Staying with Mission Lifeline who fixes 3000 school lunches per day for local schools.  Lifeline Staff
 Haiti Reconstruction is on a joint mission with Crossroads and Helping Hands for Haiti We are hoping to start our stove program in their New Vision Training Center in Arcahaie Haiti. See our new video! Using our Tlud cook stove for Haiti to make a Spaghetti dinner which only took 45 minutes! It will save millions of trees and bring Haiti into the 21st century with the newest technology


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