Haiti Reconstruction

Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

Conservation: the soil, the trees and the air we breath!

Most of our pages have something to do with conserving our resources with the most affordable projects we can find that use natural means.

Our aim is to save our earth for future generations.  We know it was created perfectly and will heal itself on its own if humans were not here.  We believe we can speed up the damage man causes if we are good stewards of this earth and use plants that were created.


Where have all the trees gone?

Ask anyone who has been to Haiti and hasn't seen Tap Taps with bags of charcoal riding with the passengers from the countryside.

The surprising thing is now we can replenish the soil, reforest the countryside and clean the air by using the same plant Vetiver!

This is a perfect permaculture design. Everything done naturally that people can live with in harmony.

The people can now sell vetiver clean burning fuel pellets at the market making people healthier.  These pellets also makes biochar which they can put in their compost which replenishes the soil. This soil will now retain more water and nutrients to grow more trees.


Watch this video do see what it will do for the atmosphere!


All of Haiti can look like Ile a Vache someday

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