Haiti Reconstruction

Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

Clean Water

 Cholera in Haiti continues as people get sick and defecate on the ground.  Rains come and wash it into the rivers and ground water easily because of the eroded mountainsides.  Good soil stabilized with grasses hold the contaminants long enough for microorganisms that will devour pathogens. 

Read more about microorganisms click here!

Conditions of Water in Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE drop for drop (Haïti) extrait by HAITIENDOC

Water is life; without water there is no life!

Clean water is so important to Haiti, here is a video of one of the simplest ways to provide water is raincatchers.

Check out the best systems for clean water :

We only recommended sealed water wells! Open pits ruin aquifers. Check out affordable solar wells Click Here

Check out the best filtering systems for Haiti Reconstruction

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