Haiti Reconstruction

Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

BioGas / Syngas

Bio- Gas can be made different ways, HRI is looking for the best systems that can use vetiver grass.  One resource is using vetiver and waste, turning it into Syngas that cam be used to for fuel, chemicals and fertilizer.


This video shows the gasification process we want to use for small communities

Click here to read more about gasification we need in a big way in Haiti.

Appropriate technology has great information including Making BioGas from Human Waist

Human waste in heavily populated may be a great source for biogas and the best way to pay for toilets is have them pay for themselves if properly managed.



Click here to read about Bio Gas

Click to read Making Biogas from human waste

Video on how to make a gas plant from toilets near the market place and have free gas for cooking


Click here to see a very good demonstration how BioGas plant works

Community toilet linked to a bio gas plant

Communal biogas latrines in Nairobi



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