Haiti Reconstruction

Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

4.6 Billion Vetiver Plants

Non governmental orgainizations really gets Haiti Reconstruction going in a huge way!


Criss Juliard, Senior Adviser in agriculture for Chemonics worked on reducing erosion streaming from watersheds that drain into Gonaive and Port-au-Prince.

Vetiver grass is his champion to stop erosion and mitigate dangerous floods. There is a hope to plant 4.6 billion plants for this project in the next 4 years!


Just imagine how much grass can be trimmed from these plants for fuel efficient stoves!

Picture of one of the 6 fields for this project...

This NGO working on the WINNER: Watershed Initiative for National Natural Environmental Resources is doing what is best for Haiti. They are putting thousands of Haitians to work while training them how to plant more food as they save their environment and mitigate immanent disasters from hurricanes. Click here to read more about his mission


Another member Joel Ducasse shows four months growth of vetiver hedgerows planted by his group on La Quinte River border near Gonaives.

Joel's group mulipling vetiver slips this summer!

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