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Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

Universal Nut Sheller and use of Jatropha for small production of bio diesel fuel both in generators and in cookstoves

Presented by Philip Wagner


It helps to have a nut sheller for easier ppo production. It is powered by hand.

The article below informs about it.  The Full Belly Project has taught people to manufacture and operate the sheller. Unfortunately the organization does not have any names or addresses of manufacturers in Haiti.  Hopefully you will come across  a name and address while in Haiti.

If you are interested in it I can give you information about the inventor whom lives in North Carolina.  I have his email address and phone number.

Universal Nut Sheller

With the UNS, the user loads the desired crop in the space at the top. The user turns the handle, which rotates the rotor continuously. This creates centrifugal force, which pushes the nuts towards the gap at the exterior wall of the machine. There, the nuts are pulled down by gravity. As they descend, the width of the gap gradually narrows. The shell of each nut is broken at the point where the gap is sufficiently narrow and the rotor motion causes sufficient friction to crack open the shell. The tapered gap allows a range of nut sizes to be shelled. The kernels and shell fragments fall into a basket and are later separated by winnowing. The device works best for Jatropha curcas, shea, dried coffee, and peanuts (ground nuts).

The Full Belly Project has developed a Pedal Powered Agricultural Processor which is easier to use than the hand crank type, and further decreases labor in developing countries.[1] The Pedal Powered Agricultural Processor places the Universal Nut Sheller onto a pedaling chassis. In addition to the shelling method described, the pedaling apparatus is connected to a fan. The fan automatically winnows the harvest (separates the shells from the nuts). The pedal powered versions are capable of shelling the same variety of crops as the hand crank powered versions. The processor also provides access for the winnowing section to be used independently from the sheller. This allows winnowing of crops that are not shelled, such as rice, maize, sorghum etc.


The Universal Nut Sheller was originally designed to shell peanuts as a way to add value to crops for women and children. Since its inception, the Universal Nut Sheller has been found to be extremely effective at shelling other lucrative crops such as Jatropha curcas, coffee and shea.


Check out this hand operated oil extractor


This press will extract 50-60% of the oil from seeds the remainder ...

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How to Build an Universal Nut Sheller

Please click on attachment below labeled "StepByStepBuild_DiagramUniversalNutSheller.rtf



How to make a five-gallon pure plant oil processor to produce bio-diesel.

Please click on link below.



Pure-Plant-Oil produced by hand-operated expeller. The oil can be used for many purposes including bio-diesel processing.  Directions for oil processing are at this link    http://journeytoforever.org/biodiesel_processor5.html

The ppo expeller costs $155 with free shipping from India by regular mail..

Rajkumar Agro Engineers Pvt Ltd
HAND OPERATED OIL EXPELLER   http://www.rajkumaragromachinery.com/home/product.asp?cid=34&pi...

Please see video. Click on link below.


Great information on all the uses of Jatropha, I am convinced this will be a great project for individual farmers who can get ahead.

I can see many uses including starting cookings stoves and running electric generators in the countryside.

 But if big corporations takeover the production, start consuming land and resources it will live a huge negative impact on the country and farmers will be worse off.  

Jatropha Biomass: Energy for Future Development Power Point Presentation

Please click on the link below.

http://www.agmrc.org/search/index.cfm   then search for Jatropha Biomass.

The presentation is the third one down entitled "Slide 1"..



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