Haiti Reconstruction

Rebuilding Haiti must start from the ground up, with agricultural education

The plastic problem in Haiti can be solved .At present there is a plastic recycling machine in Canada that can take any plastic waste and turn it into plastic lumber for building products ,this machine is running at present and is being fine tuned ,one product that is being produced is 4x4x8 plastic posts it also can produce many other building boards that can be used to build homes ,structures of many types.This machine will take all plastics without sorting and produce finished products .I am looking for partners that are interested in seeing this project come to life in Haiti and provide a solution and create work in Haiti .Am looking for help in pin pointing products that are in great demand and can be manufactured in Country .Last but not least all money generated will be reinvested to grow the business and create full time jobs for Haitians am open to all help from all .Am also looking for co-op that is involved in chicken production I am willing to loan money to workers that can prove they are capable to manage and run chicken production units both layers and meat chickens again all money will be loaned in order to sustain and grow there business please contact me to discuss

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